Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Congratulations are in order

For my dear friend Liz and her husband Seth as they welcomed their daughter Anna Justine into the world. Well done you! Born on January 25th, which also happens to be the triplets' birthday.

Just as an aside, I absolutely cannot believe that Ewan, Noel, and Mairin are 2 years old. I seriously have no memory of most of the past 2 years which is probably for the best or I would have been institutionalized.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It's 11:14 pm

and Quinn is still wide awake, which is not unusual for him, and I am wondering what the hell did I ever give birth to? He certainly broke us in for having triplets, who I am pleased to report, all sleep well through the night and at a reasonable hour!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Quinn's male bonding

Tomorrow afternoon Quinn, Eddy, and Eddy's father are going to the Vikings playoff game. Don't ask me who they are playing as I have no idea, but I am thrilled to potentially have a few hours of a semblance of quiet without Quinn asking what time it is every 2 minutes. He is big on the telling of time lately, and working out how long things take. I can safely tell you that it doesn't take long to become annoying, but of course I cannot tell him that and crush his little spirit that thirsts for knowledge. Just hoping he doesn't come home with his face or chest painted tomorrow, though I believe we are safe as Eddy is not that big of a Vikings fan... perhaps if it were the Bears?

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Das brood

What are they up to these days, you ask? Here is where we are at:

Would be summed up with the word, "Stormchasers". Not sure who is familiar with the show by that name on the Discovery Channel, but Quinn is absolutely obsessed with it and I am wondering what other four year old boys are out there re-enacting tornado interception with their DOW (doppler on wheels, for those not in the know) and hoping for an EF5 tornado footage. What a geek!

Has some giant man hands on him... like that Seinfeld episode where Jerry's date cracks a lobster with her hands... rather like that. He is an eating machine who I reckon will be kicking Quinn's arse any day now. He is like a little professor who loves to study everything, especially doors and drawers. Open. Close. Open. Close. Fast open. Slow close. Slow open. Fast close. You get the idea. He also has quite a fine set of pimp teeth on him.

Is a compete goof and has such a fantastic belly laugh, when he isn't shrieking with displeasure. Also a major dare devil/risk taker type, can be found standing on the kitchen table trying to access the giant tub of animal crackers, and luring the others into working in teams against me. Noel is the darkest meat of all the babies. Yes, I did just say that.

Is the laziest baby in all of creation but the best news here is that she is finally walking this month, just in time for her second birthday. The girl has some major rhythm and loves to dance and sign. Her rendition of Jingle Bells brings down the house every time. Not quite so literally as Ewan jumping and slamming his crib on the wall, but close!

The babies have all been sleeping in the nursery, each in their own crib, and it is so enjoyable to hear them in there chattering away and singing together. However, the cribs have been progressively been moved closer and closer to the middle of the room because the naughty babies keep pulling things off windows, walls and sockets. We are all class around here... looks so trash haha.

Blog address change

Obviously if you are reading this you have been made aware that I changed my blog address yet again, by Eddy's bidding... and if you know me, you know I always do what I am told haha. He was all concerned that by using our last name, some total nutter might suss out exactly where we live and come kidnap one or all four of our children, or some mix thereof. Ah hello?? Don't you think I was hoping someone would do exactly that? Might have to resort to auctioning them off to the highest bidder now, or renting them out to holiday parties, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, what have you...

Okay, so it makes sense and makes me a good and obedient wife at the same time, a win/win!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas?

Though the past few days have been very emotional, I still tried to put on a happy face for Christmas today as I know Quinn has been looking forward to this day for months... ever since they started showing all those toy commercials back in July it seems. His obsession this year was still train related, the Geotrax train and airport set, which Santa thankfully saw fit to put under the tree even though Quinn has been threatened on numerous occasions that Santa would not be coming if he continued being a naughty boy. Wonder how many years that will work for? Quinn did wonder how Santa was able to get our Thomas wrapping paper to wrap his gifts, and also why he left some scraps behind that the babies happened to pull out of the recycle bad whilst looking for boxes to play with. Damn babies! There had also been a tense moment at Costco a couple weeks ago when I was buying a set of DVD stories for the babies when Quinn was with which prompted a lot of questions. I do believe in the end he bought my explanation that Santa's elves had difficulty this year producing some movie related merchandise so Santa had asked me to buy this and help him out. He may kill is later when he learns the truth but for now it was good.

Emilie's passing

My dear friend Emilie passed away late on Tuesday night, with her husband at her side holding her hand. She will be sorely missed by so many, but most especially by her husband Stephen and boys, Daniel and Benjamin. Even in her passing she was always thinking of and caring for others as evidenced by the quote she wanted Stephen to share after she had passed.

"And did you get what
you wanted from this life, even so?

I did.

And what did you want?

To call myself beloved, to feel myself
beloved on the earth."

— Raymond Carver

One of my favorite pictures of Emilie on her wedding day, which was also the first day we met in person after more than a year corresponding online. I remember watching her walking down the aisle and she caught sight of me and said, "Kerry!", in this fantastically happy voice. It was such a wonderful day.
It makes me happy to know that Emilie was loved by so many.

Monday, December 22, 2008

It has been awhile, no?

So I have been exceptionally tardy in making any type of regular updates as of late, but I am here now, so suck on that!

I expect you all want updates of some sort as you are all incredibly selfish and it is all about you, you, you! I kid...
keep your knickers on.

The big news is that Quinn officially became a man today! I was making dinner and he came round to look and got waaaay too excited and shouted in the most and loudest voice he could muster, "BACON?!? I LOOOOVE BACON!"... rather like the Beggin Strips commercial dog now that I think of it. I didn't have the heart to tell him it was heart healthy turkey bacon. I am led to believe that intense love of bacon makes him an official man though. He actually ate some of the strata I made so I consider that my Christmas miracle.


I know, I know, long time no blog... we can get into that all later.

There are many people who had previously read about my friend Emilie who was battling cancer whilst PG. Ben is 9 months old but Emilie is now in hospice care at home preparing to die. Please take a minute to visit her blog and let her know she is thought of or say a few prayers for her and her family.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Items of note (potentially)

I am going to bust out the big guns and give you all a rundown of the wild and wacky happenings in our household. Not the same lass ass crap that I am always throwing your way, but the real hard hitting, taste of bile in your mouth, world changing news I have disposable at my fingertips.

I hope I have now sucked you all in.

And no... I am not PG so don't even go there. Who needs BC when you have a three year old, and nearly one year old triplets?

Actually this really is more of the same old crap. I have a bunch of things I keep meaning to post and never get around to so this will likely be a jumble.

Item of note #1:

If you ask Quinn what his favorite TV show is he, will tell you very animatedly, "Ninja Warrior"!

What parent could be prouder than Eddy and I? Are any of you familiar with this particular form of Japanese game show? サスケ, Sasuke (or Ninja Warrior for those of us in the US) is a Japanese program which consists of a competition in which 100 competitors attempt to complete four obstacle course stages. The obstacles are fairly nuts and many times end with the competitors falling into mucky water. Oh those crazy Japanese! It isn't violent so I don't really mind letting him watch it occasionally, but he is SOOO into it. They had one of the "Women of Ninja Warrior" episodes on recently and Quinn is fixated on the ladies trying to make their way through the course. He keeps shouting, "you go girl!", and "you can do it!". He has even started playing his own make believe version of "Ninja Warrior" at home. Apparently the ottoman, big chair, and sleeping bag on the floor make for an ideal pretend course in case you too wish to play at home. See, aren't you riveted already?

Item of note #2:

Noel is a crazy man and he has what I have so PC-ed-ly dubbed, "Pimp Teeth". I am not kidding... I think you could drive a Cadillac between the space in his top two teeth. I am trying to get a picture of them but they remain elusive on film. Quinn has a space between his upper teeth as well (which should prove beneficial once the big people teeth come in) but Noel's is at least double Quinn's space. I love it and it totally fits his wild guy persona.

Item of note #3:

Mairin has this strange habit of anti-crawling on her back. We have captured it in pics and it looks like she is levitating.

I will update this later as it it now late and the momma is tired...